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How to Cook Nutritious Carrot Shrimp Porridge

Porridge Shrimp

Shrimp contains a lot of nutrients beneficial to the health of children such as vitamin A, vitamin D, omega 3. Carrots provide fiber, beta carotene improves eyesight. Combining these two simple ingredients, you have an extremely delicious and nutritious carrot shrimp porridge for babies right away. Follow the recipe of Viet’s Restaurant revealed below. Ingredients: […]

Shrimp Porridge for Breakfast

Shrimp Porridge

Ingredients: Rice: small bowl Fresh shrimp: 200gr Wood ear: 5-6 ears Ginger, scallions: Just enough Pepper, salt, cooking oil: Just enough Instructions: Wash the rice, then add salt and a little cooking oil and mix well. Wood ear mushrooms soaked to bloom, washed, finely chopped. Sliced scallions. Sliced ginger. Shrimp peeled, washed and seasoned with […]