How to Cook Delicious Duck Porridge

Duck Porridge

Duck can be processed into many different dishes and is loved and used by everyone. However, one of the dishes made from duck that you cannot ignore is duck porridge. In this article, we will share how to cook duck porridge simple, easy to make and attractive to enjoy. Please refer to it right away.


  • 1 Siamese duck
  • 300g of plain rice, you can add 1 handful of glutinous rice to make the porridge more delicious and flexible
  • 4 dried onions, 2 garlic, scallions
  • Vegetables such as perilla, basil, coriander and herbs


Step 1: Prepare Duck

After the duck meat is cleaned of feathers, you should proceed to deodorize its inherent odor. The process of deodorizing is very simple, just take the grain salt close to the whole duck to remove bacteria and odors. After that, you have to rinse it off with water and maybe wash it again with a mixture of ginger and alcohol.

Step 2: Preliminary Processing of Rice

This rice pre-processing step is very important, it determines the deliciousness, aroma and flexibility of the porridge. You just need to wash the rice, let it dry and put it in the roasting pan. You roast until the rice turns golden, then turn off the heat.

Step 3: Prepare Vegetables

You pick up scallions, the white part is cut into chunks and the leaves are finely chopped. The remaining herbs you pick up and wash and then drain.

Red onion peeled, thinly sliced ​​and then brought out to dry in the sun until wilted. Next, you put the onions on the stove with enough oil to cook the onions, in the process of cooking, be gentle until the onions are crispy.

Step 4: How to Cook Duck Porridge

First, you take the purple onion with the skin on and bring it to the oven to cook, then peel and smash it. Next, you heat the stove with a sufficient amount of water to boil the duck. You add all the grilled onions to give the duck meat a better taste without the fishy taste. When the duck is cooked, the boiling water is not exhausted, you add the roasted rice and wait for the porridge to cook.