How to Cook Nutritious Carrot Shrimp Porridge

Porridge Shrimp

Shrimp contains a lot of nutrients beneficial to the health of children such as vitamin A, vitamin D, omega 3. Carrots provide fiber, beta carotene improves eyesight. Combining these two simple ingredients, you have an extremely delicious and nutritious carrot shrimp porridge for babies right away. Follow the recipe of Viet’s Restaurant revealed below.


  • 100g shrimp
  • 150g plain rice
  • 1 carrot
  • Seasoning seeds, cooking oil


Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

  • Wash your rice and drain the water.
  • You wash the shrimp, remove the shell and remove the black thread. Then use a blender to puree the shrimp.
  • Carrots are washed, peeled and steamed, also using a blender.

Step 2: Cook Porridge

  • First, you put the washed rice into the rice cooker with water to cook.
  • Then you take out the cooked porridge in the rice cooker, skip another pot and put it on the stove to boil. In turn, add the pureed shrimp and carrots to the pot, cook together and stir well. Then you add seasoning to taste with your baby and you’re done. Boil porridge with shrimp and grated carrot.

Finished Product

Carrot shrimp porridge has an eye-catching orange color of carrots and cooked shrimp. Porridge for children should use safe children’s cooking oil, fresh ingredients make the dish fragrant with shrimp and sweet with carrots. It is indeed a very suitable food for babies to eat weaning, not only to increase height but also to support brain development very well.

Nutrition in Carrot Shrimp Porridge:

  • Helps supplement DHA to stimulate appetite while supporting brain development better.
  • Helps supplement Vitamins A, D to synthesize calcium for babies to have strong bones and teeth, optimal height development. It is estimated that every 100g of shrimp will contain 2000mg of calcium.
  • Helps supplement Vitamin B12: Every 100g of shrimp contains 11.5μg of vitamin B12.
  • Helps supplement protein needed for all body activities: Every 100g of shrimp contains 18.4g of protein.
  • In addition, shrimp also add iron, selenium to support the baby’s better development and prevent cancer from a young age.