How to Make Crispy, Delicious, and Super Attractive Salted Roasted Frogs

Roasted Salted Frog

Roasted salted frog is a simple and easy dish to make, this will be one of the interesting dishes to entertain family and friends at light parties. Let’s go to the kitchen to make this delicious fried dish!

Ingredients (For 2 People)

  • Frog 400g
  • Garlic 1 bulb
  • Non-spicy horn chili 1
  • Salt 1/4 teaspoon
  • Vinegar 1 teaspoon
  • Cornstarch 150g
  • Roasted salt powder 50g


1. Prepare Frogs and Other Ingredients

Preliminarily clean the frog and then squeeze the frog meat with salt and vinegar to remove the fishy smell, as well as the frog’s slime. Mix well and cut into bite-sized pieces. Then rinse the frog again and let it dry.

Garlic and chili washed and minced.

2. Dip the Frog in the Flour

Put cornstarch in the frog so that when frying the frog will be more crispy, stir the frog and flour together. Frogs and cornstarch can be put in a box, close the lid and shake well to evenly coat the frog meat with cornstarch.

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3. Fried Frogs

Heat up a pan of hot oil, keep the heat on medium, when the oil is hot, add the cornstarch-coated frogs to deep-fry. Fry the frog until it turns golden, fragrant and crispy. Then remove the frog meat to drain the oil.

After frying the frogs, drain the oil and leave only about a tablespoon of cooking oil, add minced garlic and saute, when the garlic is golden, add minced non-spicy horn chili.

When the garlic and chili are fragrant, then put the fried frogs on the island, so that everything is soaked with the garlic and chili to create an attractive scent for the dish.

4. Making Salt-roasted Frogs

After the deep-fried frogs are mixed with garlic and chili, turn down the heat and add the roasted salt powder last. Mix all ingredients well to infuse seasoning and garnish.

5. Finished Product

The crispy outer layer of roasted salt combined with fresh, juicy frog meat inside. You can serve with a little salt, pepper, lemon and laksa leaves to enhance the flavor of the dish!

Hopefully, the salted frog recipe will help you succeed and score points in the eyes of family and friends. Good luck with this recipe!